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Head/ Hairstyle Poll!

The people have spoken & your votes have been tallied from Facebook and Instagram. I appreciate everyone taking the time to give their honest opinion. What I have learned is, I've wasted a lot of money! In all honesty, I'm low maintenance, so wigs really aren't my thing. Now that we are in a world where we can't go out and enjoy a nice dinner, I really have nowhere to wear them. Guess I can go to doctors appointments with them on. That's about as much as I am getting out of the house. Covid and cancer don't mix! Again, I appreciate your feedback. It was fun to hear what everyone had to say. Thank you all! 

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Shaving my head

Was shaving my hair off an emotional for me? Not really. I've read how some people have an emotional attachment to their hair, which makes it very difficult for them when it starts to fall out after chemotherapy. For those that had that feeling, I'm sorry!

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Was shaving my head an emotional thing? I know for some other cancer survivors I talked to, it was very emotional for them. Some people have an attachment to their hair. Me, not so much! 

When I found out I was going to lose my hair due to chemotherapy, I knew I wanted to make shaving my head special somehow. I wanted to include my family. Having cancer just doesn't affect me. It affects my husband, my kids, my family and my close friends. 

I decided to make it a fun, family affair. So we had a little head shaving party. My husband and kids had a blast shaving my head, giving me a Mohawk and taking funny pictures. We laughed and had fun with it. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Remember, you have the power to choose how you want to do this. Cancer sucks, yes I know! But we have to make the best of it. If you choose to shave your head alone, or with family or friends,  do it! Embrace it! You are beautiful, remember that. 

What I used to shave my head: First I cut off as much hair as I could. Kind of like a disaster pixie cut. To shave it I used my daughters boyfriend razor called "The Man Scape 3.0". It worked perfect for me. And just a note, it was a Christmas gift and was unused.🤣Otherwise that would have been gross. We are not that kind of family. Good luck! 


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Senada Greca
2 years ago

You are a true warrior! A true source of inspiration to so many! Cancer chose the wrong person as it doesn’t know who it’s messing with. You’re so strong and cancer has no chance against you!!! Keep fighting for I know you you got this!!! 💚

Zenvi Boykin
2 years ago

Love your warrior spirit and positive attitude! You are so inspiring! I’ll continue to pray for you and your family ❤️

Rose Ramirez
2 years ago

Nicely done, Cindy! You are an inspiration for all of us. I wish I had done this also.

Erika H Hercher
2 years ago

Cindy, I'm glad to hear that the ManScape 3.0 was unused. I was concerned for a minute.
On a serious note sometimes we don't know what to say to friends and family that have cancer and right now I'm having that moment. What I do know is how strong you are and that you're gonna give everything you've got!

Christina D Parsons
2 years ago

I love that you are blogging about your journey! Definitely one of the strongest woman I know! Kick cancer's ass, girl! You've got this!

Cosette Nusen
2 years ago

Your an inspiration to many women even if you don’t know it right now. Cancer sucks! But we are warriors and you never fight alone.

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