Head/ Hairstyle Poll!

Published on 25 February 2021 at 15:45

The people have spoken & your votes have been tallied from Facebook and Instagram. I appreciate everyone taking the time to give their honest opinion. What I have learned is, I've wasted a lot of money! In all honesty, I'm low maintenance, so wigs really aren't my thing. Now that we are in a world where we can't go out and enjoy a nice dinner, I really have nowhere to wear them. Guess I can go to doctors appointments with them on. That's about as much as I am getting out of the house. Covid and cancer don't mix! Again, I appreciate your feedback. It was fun to hear what everyone had to say. Thank you all! 

5th Place! "Karen"

4th Place! "Curls"

3rd Place "$35 EBay steal"

Runner-Up! "Headcovers"

WINNER! "Baldness"

I surely don't regret buying the wigs. I do love them! But what I have learned is, shop on EBay first! I actually went to a Wig Studio for a consultation, had the 4th & 5th place wigs special ordered and measured to fit my head. The 3rd place wig is the only human hair wig out of the 3, and was brand new with tags in the box. BUT it's big so I had to cut out the netting inside.

So I have to wear a net underneath to hold it on. 
The 3rd place one I also plan on adding some teal tips to it with a semi-permanent color. It's human hair so I can wash it out. 

Well, that was fun! I like my bald head too. Living in Texas, the sun won't be so nice to it so I will have to wear something to cover my head. A big thank you! 

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