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Published on 7 March 2021 at 15:39

"Transform your life and health with the 'Mix of Six'"

A friend recommended this book to me. Someone I value since I know she understands what I am going through. She is also battling ovarian cancer herself. So right away, I knew this book had to be a good one. She's the wonderful woman that also recommended me to Nydia's Therapeutic Yoga, which I am forever grateful for.

I'll start with, What is the Mix of Six? Then how I have incorporated these in my life & how it has changed my life. 

  1. Love & Social Support
  2. Stress & Resilience 
  3. The need for Rest & Recovery
  4. Moving for Wellness
  5. Food is Medicine
  6. The Environment and Quest for Health


1. We are social beings and the need for social connectedness with loved ones, family and friends, is even more important when you have cancer. You need a strong support group, those you live with, your medical team, your close friends, co-workers and your family. Pets even bring healing. 
So I've been building my anti-cancer team. Covid can make it difficult but I still have ways to connect to friends and family. Whether it's by phone or social networks. I'm grateful to have a good team. 
Another thing the book mentions is give the gift of support. I realize my diagnosis affects those around me, so I try to remain aware that they still need my support as well. I've also teamed up with the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance and have been an active volunteer with them. 

2. Anticancer living begins when Stress ends. Stress is so bad for us, plain and simple. So you need to find a way to reduce it. This book gives you a guide. Some of these I have started to put into practice and let me tell you, it helps A LOT! 
I recently started Therapeutic Yoga, which has been incredible. Once I am cleared after surgery I plan on doing yoga classes a few times a week and on my own the other days. 
Meditation. This one is so important. I started meditation about the same time I started yoga. I started with this App which gives you 10 minute free guided meditations. The App is just called "Meditation". Also, this book guides you on how to do Diaphragmatic Breathing (Deep Breathing). The book also provides different meditation practices. I'm telling you, meditation is key! 

3. Rest & Recovery. Pretty much is "Sleep". I was guilty of inadequate sleep before I was diagnosed with cancer. I'd go to bed about 930, finally fall asleep about 1000. My husband would come in about midnight and turn on the TV, waking me up from my sleep then I'd wake up at 330am to workout before work. So on average I would get about 4 hours of sleep, if you want to call it that, a night. Adults my age should get about 7-9 hours asleep on average.
I've focused a lot on my sleep since reading this book. The anticancer living benefits of sleep are a must in our lives whether you have cancer or not. 
I started listening to calming meditation music on my EarPods to help me relax. I try to wear an eye cover for when Josh decides to turn on the TV in the middle of the night. These things have helped along with not feeling stressed from the day. 

4. Moving for Wellness. This doesn't mean just going to the gym, lifting some weights and doing your 30 minutes of cardio. Moving for wellness is an all day thing. Of course, your weight training and cardio time is important, but what are you doing the rest of the day? Hopefully not sitting on a recliner, watching TV and eating Bon Bons. 
Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I was dedicated to my fitness routine, my diet and I ensured I closed all my rings on my iWatch each day. When I started having symptoms I just couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. Then when I found out I had cancer, I was really blown away. 
I was in peak shape but you know the other three things we just talked about, they were definitely missing from my life. 
Moving for wellness is just one of the mix of six. For people who are like me, it's probably the easiest. 

5. Food is Medicine. I truly believe that. As with exercise, before I was diagnosed with cancer I meal prepped my food every Sunday for the week. I weighed my food ensuring I ate the right amount of macro nutrients in each meal. I was a strict, healthy eater!
Just recently I have switched to a plant-based diet. I did not eliminate fish from my diet. I love seafood way too much. I avoid dairy, processed foods which cause inflammation, and I stick to vegetables, fruits and grains mostly. 
I do my best to avoid sugar, but I do love my dark chocolate now and again. There hasn't been enough research to link sugar consumption and cancer. I've heard it feeds cancer, but I'm not obese nor do I eat sugar all say long. 
What I do avoid is red meat and processed meat. Even in the book it states there is a clear link to cancer. These meats create inflammation which fuels cancer growth. Stay away! 
What do I drink? Coconut water, tea, coffee & Soy, Oat and Almond milk. 

6. The Environment & the Quest for Health. Toxins are found in everything we use from kitchen cleaners, to our detergent, and to our body wash. 
With this Mix of Six, you control what you can control. Limit your exposure where you can. I can tell you, I never really thought about this one until I read the book. Yes, it costs a bit more to buy products that are eco-friendly, all-natural and safe for you. But when you have cancer you'll do what you need to do. Take your butt to Sprouts Marketplace and spend a few dollars more on your shampoo. Yes, I still wash my head even without hair 😊

With each "Mix of Six" this book gives suggestions on how to change your lifestyle. You don't have to have cancer to read this book. If you want to live a healthier and an Anticancer Living lifestyle, I highly recommend. 

I'm doing my best to incorporate these six things into my every day life. I already feel so much better than I did before. 




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