Review of Fake Eyelashes

Published on 28 February 2021 at 08:38

Just plain ol' me 😊

Arden Press On Lashes

These lashes are pretty simple. The mistake I made was apply makeup before I pressed them on. This made it hard for them to stick. Would I use them again? Yes! Easy and no mess from glue or magnetic eyeliner. I personally don't like big lashes so I'd find them in a smaller size. These were given to me so beggars can't be choosers! Also, they did last all day. No issues. 

HSB CC Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelashes Kit

This was my second go at applying these. First time, I got super frustrated with the eyeliner. If you're good at applying liquid eyeliner, then these will be easy for you. I made a huge mess! 
On my second try, I kept tissue paper close. Before I applied the liquid eyeliner I wiped some off onto the tissue. This helped a lot with the mess on my eyelid. They still aren't perfect but I'll keep trying. 
I got these off Amazon. I liked that the package came with different size, short to long fancy lashes. For day-to-day the short ones are perfect. That's what I have on in the photo. 

NOTE: When you remove them, you will need to scrub your eyelid pretty good to get the eyeliner off. Be prepared! Maybe I would benefit from some good makeup remover

So, would I buy these again? We will see. Maybe next time I go with a better quality kit. 

4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara 

I really love this 4D silk fiber lash mascara, especially when I have all my lashes. They don't look too bad with my loss of lashes. They add amazing volume and length & a plus, simple to apply. So if you're going out and you need lashes quick, this is the way to go. 

The only real CON I see is taking the waterproof gel off. That's what you apply as the base, then the fibers, then the gel again to hold in place. A good eye makeup remover would take care of that.

There are many brands out there of these, but I like this one. Different brands run anywhere from $14 to $40 on Amazon. 

So far these glue on Ardell Natural Eye-Lifting Effect lashes have been the easiest to apply. I used Duo clear glue, applied it to my eyelid and done! I bought a couple different styles of lashes, these were the more subtle ones. 
Cons, I haven't found one yet. They feel secure. I'm sure taking them off will be a charm but I feel they all leave a mess at the end. 

Hope you enjoyed my little review of eyelashes. Please feel free to comment and suggest any lashes that have worked great for you. Dying to hear about a good magnetic one that isn't messy. 

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Rose Ramirez
3 years ago

I never was much on eye makeup. I just used a little mascara. I missed my eyelashes also. I was hoping they'd grow back lush and long, but alas they are still blonde and stubby. Oh well, at least they came back. Yours will also.

3 years ago

Thanks Rose! I figure since we wear a mask and I have no hair, my eyes are all I have. I’m not a big eye makeup person either. I feel odd putting on lashes but it fun once and a while