Preparing for Chemo

Published on 12 February 2021 at 13:12

I made the mistake with my first chemotherapy session by not preparing my body for what was about to happen. HYDRATE!!!

Hydration is so important! Drink plenty of fluids leading up to treatment and definitely after treatment. The infusions you receive during chemo have done their job while you're sitting there. It's important to flush those toxins out of your body afterwards. So drink, drink, drink. You'll feel better faster. 

Enough about that. So what to do while you're sitting there? Unfortunately with Covid, you can't have anyone sit with you. At least at BAMC I am unable to. Maybe you can where you are. That's great! So, here's a few things I take with me in my chemo bag:

Adult Coloring Book & colored pencils ✏️ 

Crossword puzzles & pencil

Warm blanket 

EarPods (be sure to charge them)

phone & charger

plenty of snacks & drinks

My last chemo treatment the pharmacy was 3 hours behind and I was there all day. Next time I'll pack a lunch too just in case. 

Also, my room has a TV, reclining chair and pillow. If you're picky, take your own pillow. 

Of course you may choose to take other items. That's just what I take. If I had a table I'd take a puzzle. I love puzzles. 

Good luck with your treatments. We're in this together! ❤️



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