Teal Ribbon Warrior

"Since the day I was diagnosed my first thought was "Let's get going". I never once have thought about death, only how I can live. I've always been a fighter, this was just another battle I planned on winning"

About Me

Hi! My name is Cindy. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas. I'm originally from Baltimore, Maryland; born and raised. I'm married to my soulmate Josh, and together we have a blended family of 4 kids. I have two, my daughter Alyssa and my son, Diego. I also have two stepsons, Nick and Alex. We also have two fur babies, Ava and Maggie.

I served in the Air Force for over 24 years between serving on Active Duty and in the Air National Guard. Unfortunately the military found me "unfit" to serve due to my cancer diagnosis so it was my time to retire. Official retirement date was May 20, 2023.

I love my life and I plan on living it to the fullest for many years to come 🦋


149th Fighter Wing Dining Out - Oct 2019

Carnival Cruise - August 2019

Fitness & Health is a priority!

Fitness and health has always been a big part of my life. I spent many years as a personal trainer, a Fitness Instructor, a Fitness Center Director and a Figure Competitor. My last competition was June 2012 in San Diego at the Southern California All-Forces Championships. I trained 6 months for the stage and I walked away with 1st place A class All-Forces and 4th Open Masters Figure. Since then I've considered competing again but I never committed. It takes a lot of dedication to compete. You find yourself so absorbed in training you almost forget there are people around you that depend on you. So I kept my family first. 

It wasn't until COVID happened that I found myself dedicated to my workouts and diet again. I signed up for a couple Nicole Wilkins Challenges and Senada Greca's advanced CrushIt workout program as well. I set up a small workout area in my garage with equipment I over paid for that I found on OfferUp. Workout equipment was incredibly hard to get but I managed to get just enough for an effective workout. From May until September I did two Challenges followed by the CrushIt program and I was in the best shape I had been in years. I felt great! As I continued to train with Senada Greca's CrushIt program, I was considering competing again. I honestly never felt stronger or healthier. 

Then out of nowhere I started having stomach issues. I was back and forth to the doctor, to the ER, then on 14 December I was told by my gastroenterologist that I had cancer. In the back of my mind I knew it was a possibility but you never think it could happen to you.

I was in the best shape I could possibly be in. I was lifting weights, doing cardio. I even got my 5K run below 26 minutes and I was shooting for 25. I was eating healthy, preparing my meals every Sunday for the week. How could I possibly have cancer? I thought I was doing things right. 

This is the day that cancer changed my life 💙

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November 2020 A month before my diagnosis 

Southern California Championships - June 2012. 
1st Place All-Forces, 4th Place Open