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Friday Flex Day!

I had a really good glute and hamstring workout today. It feels good when you can feel yourself getting stronger. I know in 16 days this will change when I have surgery again. But I look at it as another opportunity to build myself back up. After this surgery I can really focus on building myself back I up permanently. I'm excited to finish my last 6 weeks of my CrushIt program with Seneca Greca. If you don't know who she is, look her up on IG. Absolutely amazing!

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Back Workout

Who does want a beautiful, sexy back?! There once was a time I could 20 or more pull-ups & row 70lbs dumbbells. One thing I've learned through this process though is to NOT compare my new cancer self to my past self. It just adds stress and anxiety to the day and to my workouts. It's going to take time to build strength. I've accepted my abs will never be the same. There's a chance I physically may never be the same. I just have to accept it and move forward and be the best version of me I can be. Check out on IG @cindyb_fit

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Arm Workout

One part of my body I loved and always got compliments on were my arms. After being bed ridden and living off a feeding tube for days I lost 20lbs so my arms were like string beans when I walked out of the hospital. Yes, I walked out of the hospital! I'm too prideful to get in a wheelchair. 

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Leg Workout

Leg Day! It's been a while since I've done an effective leg workout. I had to modify most of the exercises because I can't jump and I can't lift heavy weights just yet. So I used bands and my 8lb dumbbells for most of the exercises, and of course body weight squats and lunges. It was effective because my legs were killing me the next day. Also, I'm a member of Nicole Wilkins website so I downloaded her February workout calendar. That's where this workout came from 😊 Enjoy! Stay fit & healthy! 

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Yoga & Meditation

Today I decided to focus more on Yoga & Meditation. I recently joined a yoga studio that holds virtual Zoom classes. It's called Nydia's Yoga Therapy. Her studio is located here in San Antonio but with Covid I choose to stay virtual. So far I've attended two sessions of her "Gentle Therapeutic Yoga" classes and I absolutely love them. Unfortunately that class is only Tuesday and Thursday at 1045. Here's the website to Nydia's Studio

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My Therapy 

My motivation song "Stronger"

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Rose Ramirez
2 years ago

I was back at the gym 8 weeks after my surgery. (I didn't have a stoma to contend with, though.) I also went to the gym during chemo. My trainer adjusted my workouts since then to compensate for the realities of being an aging cancer survivor with severe neuropathy in my feet. Stay at it! I was stage 4b and am still going strong.