Not sure how to react to my CA 125 cancer bloodwork. After surgery my it was down to 56, now I'm up to 113. I know this test isn't a true test of how much cancer is still present but it is still discouraging my levels went

I'm hoping this next round of chemo will lower it below normal range (<38). fingers crossed.

Fourth round of chemo went easy. Started slow again to avoid any reaction. I slept most of the treatment. Unfortunately no guests due to COVID-19 protocols. It gets pretty boring. 

10 May

Well, my fifth treatment got delayed today due to my White Blood Cell count being way too low. Usually I'm about 9.0, which is in the normal range. This time I was at 2.6, the lowest I've ever been. 

If I had to guess it's because my body is trying to still heal itself from surgery. My abdomen wound is getting better but it still has a lot to go. 

I'm rescheduled for next Monday, 17 May. This means my last treatment will be pushed a week as well. 
My CA-125 level went down to 76, so at least that's getting better. Next blooddrawl is Friday, fingers crossed my WBC count is back to normal. 

14 May

Got my labs done yesterday. Talked to my doctor today and I am good for chemo on Monday. My WBC is still lower than normal. I'm at 5.4 but it's good enough to press. On a great note, my CA-125 is down to 45, which is almost normal range. I'm hopeful by my last chemo treatment I'll be in remission. The PET scan will tell all! 

May 17 - 5th Chemo Treatment 

🦋💙 Thankful no reaction to these chemicals that are killing the cancer in my body

Chemotherapy is a hard decision for anyone to make, especially since chemo is what took my dad down who passed away in 2012 from small cell lung cancer. I was fearful, but this combination (Taxel & Carbo) has really worked for me 💙 My cancer markers (CA-125) were over 700, maybe even higher, when I started in January. As of Thursday they were at 45 😀 The goal is to get below 38. 

I am also thankful for all the love & support I received over the weekend from the members of my wing #149thfighterwing Gunfighter Strong! 

I’m thankful for my husband Josh, my daughter Alyssa, my son Diego & my stepsons Nick and Alex.
They have seen me at my worst and at my best. Either way they love me & are right by my side ❤️ To help pick me up. 

As well as my Mom 🌹 & family who live in other States and my friends 

I love all of you unconditionally 💞

One more chemo treatment to go 🙏🏻 in June. I'll remain positive that will be it and I can start PARP inhibitors. 

Thank you Dr. Phippen for saving my life ❤️


I'm happy that this stage is over with. Everything went smooth and I finally got to the bell. My family and my gyn oncologist were there to support me. I feel stronger than I've felt in 6 months. 

Me & Dr Phippen

I won't miss this room

8 June - Udenyca shot

My white blood cell (WBC) count was pretty low yesterday before chemo so I had to give myself this shot today to help bring them back up. Not at all looking forward to the side effect of bone pain. I'm hoping I'm a lucky 🍀 one where it's not that bad. For some strange reason I was told taking Zyrtec helps. Wish me luck! 

13 June - This is the worse pain I have ever felt! I thought I was in the clear but it just hit me after 5 days of being pain free. I can't even explain it. It's just bad, throbbing pain through my back and legs. I've taken pain meds and so far not much relief. They said severe but I wasn't expecting it to be for real.