Hair Growth

9 July

One month post chemo and still no hair. Hopefully soon. I started using minoxidil to see if it speeds things up

21 July

Got a little peach fuzz growing. Not sure if my hair is blonde or white 😳

29 July

It's growing!!! I still can't figure out the color though

6 Aug

I can't believe how fast it is growing and it is super soft. It's looking like a blonde color. Hopefully we will know soon enough. 

14 Aug

I either get compliments or funny looks, especially in uniform. I didn't do this intentionally people!!! 🤣 And yes! I've been called Sir once so far.

Oh! And eyebrows are coming in good. Lashes are getting there.

29 Aug

Just a little bit longer and I'll probably keep it in a pixie for a while. At least while the weather is hot ☀️

9 Sept

Two months into hair growth. It's finally starting to laydown instead of looking like a chia pet. 
My lashes and eye brows are pretty much back in full force. 

29 Sept

Hair is getting thicker on the sides and back finally. 

October 14

It's hard to tell but it has grown over the last few weeks. It's starting to part on its own now. I'm really liking the color. It's ash to me

9 November

Here's a good comparison 

10 December

Looks like it's getting darker now. No more summer sun ☀️ 

1 January

11 February-First Haircut

12 June 

9 July 2022 - Hard to believe it's been 1 year

30 Aug 2022 - Natural Color...loving it!

Happy New Year 2023!

Highlights- March 2023

8 Aug 2023

18 October 2023

29 April 2024

I've had a couple trims since October to keep it healthy 

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Sarah Turner
3 years ago

I like it! You have a fo-hawk:)