Ostomy Reversal/Scar Revision

Here's what my scar looks like as of today, 4 Aug 2022.

Before I see the surgeon I'm going to do my best to tighten up my stomach. I'm not even sure if it's possible but I'll give it my best shot. If anything I can ask the surgeon to do it. Right?!

Come to find out, a scar revision may be more complex than I originally thought. I have a hernia near my belly button. An umbilical hernia, I guess. I'm still going to see the plastic surgeon on 22 September but I'm not sure if he can do anything. Looks like I will need to find a General Surgeon to fix my hernia with a scar revision when they do that. It was also suggested I wait until I'm off Lynparza next year so I don't interrupt my treatment. It's so frustrating because I'm trying so hard to move on but there's always something holding me back reminding me I have cancer. 

25 Sept 2022

Met with the plastic surgeon finally, Dr. Chan. He said the scar revision is possible, I just need to have the hernias repaired. Oh! Did I mention I have 2 incisional hernias? Ugh! My life. The other is an epigastric hernia. It's located at the very top of my scar. 
I go to primary doctor on 5 Oct to get a referral to a general surgeon that Dr. Chan works with. Fingers crossed that all works out. If not I'm not sure what to do. The plan is to do both hernia repair and abdominal reconstruction scar revision at the same time. 
More to come next week. 

UPDATE: Dr. Chans doc didn't take my insurance so I'm on the hunt. 

12 January 2023

This has been the worst process. I've spent all this time trying to see a general surgeon that took my insurance that would possibly do the hernia repair so I could get the scar revision. It's looking hopeless!

I saw a surgeon today that feels the hernias aren't an issue and if I get the revision it could complicate my situation. I understand there's a risk. They could puncture my small bowel, my stomach and it could be totally unsuccessful. I get the risk.

I'm tired of people deciding for me that I should just be happy I'm alive. I AM!!! What they don't see is how I feel about myself. They scars that aren't visible. The mental scars. I'm really struggling with it all.

Colorectal Doctor

FINALLY met with Dr. Seema Izfar on 9 October 2023. She was recommended to me back in February and I've been fighting through the Tricare system to see her. So FINALLY!!! 
After doctors upon doctors told me my ostomy was going to be permenant, I started to believe it. At times I would just come to grips with it, then others I was like No! There has to be a way. All this technology and advancements in medicine, there had to be a way.

Not only is she going to reverse it, she is also going to fix my abdomen. I hope and pray it's the outcome I want. I'm willing to take the risk to have a somewhat normal life again. Scope scheduled for 8 Feb that will determine way ahead. 
Surgery pending is scheduled for 28 February 2024 😊