Nicole Wilkins 60 Day Transformation Challenge

Published on 27 January 2022 at 08:43

I started this transformation challenge on 10 January. Back in 2020 before I got sick I did a couple of Nicole's challenges and I got amazing results. While I was going through treatment for my ovarian cancer I signed up for one last year, the Build Challenge. Circumstances didn't allow me to ever start that one. 

The picture below was after doing the NW Summer Shred and Photoshoot Ready challenges

It's been a crazy journey this past year but I finally felt strong enough to try another challenge. Even if I get half the results I got before I would be happy. 

Here is one of my before pictures. This is after 3 open abdomen surgeries, closure of one of my colostomies, and now still living with one. Hoping one day I can have it reversed once I'm healthy enough. My wound is still healing after 9 months, but it's now starting to look better after doing Pilates and this challenge

It's been a really long time since I've been able to basic weight lifting exercises, especially core exercises. I've been working on planks more than anything. I'm definitely getting stronger.

When I started this challenge I would be in pain after lifting just light weight. Not your normal muscle pain, but my joints hurt too. 

I know I need to be extra cautious when lifting due to my ostomy. The risk of a hernia is extremely high. After all, creating a stoma in your abdomen is pretty much a hernia in itself. It's definitely become life changing for me. 

My husband knows how much fitness is to me so over the past year he's been fixing me up a nice little garage gym. It's so much nicer than what I had before.  It's still work in progress!

This is where I'm at today. I plan on doing 4 week progress pictures next Sunday. So more to come! 

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Nancy Harrison
8 months ago

You my darling are my angel today! You have been through so much and to see you plow on is awesome! So proud of you and you must be so proud of you too. I am happy you are doing well.
Thank you for sharing this , You have inspired me. I have MS and have many days where the workouts aren’t what I think they should be or want them to be, if I even get them in!
God Bless You in your journey.