25 in 25 Workout

Published on 10 December 2021 at 08:48

I've been walking but that's beginning to get a little boring. So I found this YouTube called "Fitness with PJ". Her workouts are quick and they are targeted for worn over 40. That doesn't mean by all means they are easy, it just means she provides alternate exercises to compliment your fitness level. They are intense but it's not heavy lifting, it's circuits that burn.

I started the 25 in 25 challenge. It's 25 25 minute workouts. The goal is to them in 25 days but I'm a few days behind. So far I'm loving the workouts. There are some things I'm unable to do, especially abs exercises, but I just modify. Jumping is another. That's not a very comfortable things for me to do. 

Im glad I found this site. Check it out if you're looking for quick workouts from home. 

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