Yoga & Meditation

Published on 15 February 2021 at 13:52

Today I decided to focus more on Yoga & Meditation. I recently joined a yoga studio that holds virtual Zoom classes. It's called Nydia's Yoga Therapy. Her studio is located here in San Antonio but with Covid I choose to stay virtual. So far I've attended two sessions of her "Gentle Therapeutic Yoga" classes and I absolutely love them. Unfortunately that class is only Tuesday and Thursday at 1045. Here's the website to Nydia's Studio

So, today I tried "Yoga with Adriene", her Blanket Yoga class. This class is designed to help you handle stress and improve your mental, physical, and emotional health...Yoga! She offers many other free yoga videos as well. Check out her link for Blanket Yoga

I've also been doing 10 mins of meditation a day. I've been using this App called "Meditation and Relaxation". So far I love it. Today I learned different breathing techniques depending on my situation. 



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